Is Obama smart?

Yesterday, Politico asked if Rick Perry is dumb or just “misunderestimated”, which I don’t think is even a word.  Not a good start when you’re trying to peg somebody else as dumb.  Naturally, the goal of this piece is twofold:  first, to smear one of the likely contenders for Obama’s pathetic excuse of a throne; second, to indirectly insinuate that Obama is smart.

Of course, the media is trying to continue the “Bush-isms” joke, that dead horse they have beaten, mangled, injected with AIDS, and tossed off a cliff numerous times since Bush pronounced the word “nuclear” as “nukular”.  They want the populace to believe that Rick Perry is just another hokey Texas cowboy who only speaks when he wants a beer or a woman.

And maybe that’s the case.  I don’t know Rick Perry that well and I haven’t done much research into him.  But I know that the enemy of my enemy is friend, which makes Rick Perry the current best friend of the entire country.  Yes, Obama is an enemy of the free state, of capitalism, of personal freedoms, of the free market, and of both the middle and the upper class.  His entire platform can be summed up in this revealing cartoon that supposedly originated in Scotland:

The overtly liberal media would have us believe that Obama has the highest IQ of any president before him and that we should practically bow before his intellectual prowess.  But before we do, let’s remember some golden Obama moments:

The difference between Bush’s gaffes and Obama’s gaffes is that, sure, Bush was just kind of a southern hokey guy.  He had trouble pronouncing words.  He came off as simple.  But Obama just comes off as a cruel misanthrope, and he doesn’t even sound smart when doing it.  Take away his teleprompter and he becomes a bumbling idiot.

The efforts to which this administration has gone to present itself as intelligent certainly have not produced the results it hoped for.

To win the next election, Republicans merely need to replay videos of Obama’s “stupidly” phrased comments that insult everybody not like him.  The media has started calling his contenders stupid–next they’ll be calling them racist, and that’s when we’ll know they’re desperate.

As a libertarian, I have problems with both major political parties in this country, but the Democrats make it incredibly difficult to find any time to point out the flaws in the Republican party because of the intensity in which they adhere to their own elite, hypocritical status.  I do not approve of the Republican party, but stand them next to the Democrats and I’ll side with them every time.


3 thoughts on “Is Obama smart?

  1. You have to do a lot more reading, dude. Too many ideological conceits simply not based in fact. Hearsay is no way to win a long-term political argument.

    Just a couple: you must know that “misunderestimate” is a Bush quote. Bush was born of a Yankee family that included supporters of Hitler’s party in Germany – and Bush was a Yale grad. The Texas farm boy ploy was an acquired hustle. Please don’t ever try to convince an Austrian – or a Swiss – they’re speaking German. You’ll get a fat lip.

    Wander back through traditional American conservative writers and achievers. You’re limiting yourself with the current lot. Look at the roots of conservatism for that matter. Just a suggestion. 🙂

    • Thanks for the comment! I don’t particularly care about Bush’s ancestors or what they did–there’s no point in even bringing that up, because “the son should not pay for the sins of the father”, as it were.

      The language is called German, and it should be called so. Do you tell the English that Americans speak “American”? Hardly. It may be a different dialect, but it’s the same language, and Austrian simply doesn’t exist.

      Despite these, it’s pretty frustrating when somebody is judged solely on their speech, isn’t it? I applied the same judgments to Obama that Bush received, and the outcome was (not surprisingly) negative. And this is even WITH his teleprompter!

      The intelligence of a man does not rest in his ability to orate. America needs to learn that–and needs to learn it fast. My post was deliberately hyperbolic to examine the hypocrisy of the left and their willingness to demonize their opponent while simultaneously exonerating their own.

      Thanks again for the thoughtful response, and please don’t ever hesitate to bring your opinions to the table here!

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