Continuing observations on political hypocrisy

Inconsistency is inherent in our universe.  It is almost irreverently natural, an overwhelmingly undeniable force that grips everything from subatomic particles (see:  Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle) to the nature of black holes to the ramblings of our political leaders.

Even the Second Law of Thermodynamics suggests this, since the entire universe is tending toward entropy.  Therefore, we cannot place too much blame on our bumbling leaders when they tend to make mistakes or make decisions which lead to chaos and anarchy.

Unless, of course, they openly embrace this chaotic fervor and continue to make brash, uninformed decisions that continue to cause chaos and anarchy.  As I’ve mentioned before, no other group is consistently guilty of such behavior as the modern progressive movement.  A lack of appreciation for rules and a lack of respect for those who think differently tumble into a hodgepodge of political hypocrisy, inconsistency, and inefficiency that will ultimately result in violence.

The greatest perpetrator appears to be the Holy One himself, President Barack Obama.  When speaking to fellow liberals or “calling out” the “violent rhetoric” of the Tea Party, he would have you believe he just wants us all to get along.

But his ability to attempt to correct an error by making another mistake will continue to confound me.  He’s like a seven year old trying to do complex math.  He knows some of the rules, but when he misses a step, he tries to undo it by missing another step.

Let me explain.  After the Tuscon, AZ shootings, he and his fawning media outlets immediately blamed the rhetoric of Sarah Palin and others for failing to remain “civil” in their discourse.  Somehow, he seemed to have forgotten some of the things he and his buddies have said in the past:

The two most recent provocations, Maxine Waters’ foul mouth and Andre Carson’s idiotic ramblings, seem to have gone unnoticed by King Obama.  His silence is the metaphorical seven year old missing a second step to “correct” the first.  A better move would have been to put a dog muzzle over Maxine Waters’ face–whether metaphorical or real, it doesn’t matter.  If he truly hopes to remain consistent and stay true to his word, he needs to shut people like her up one way or another.

But he won’t–he’ll remain in the background pretending nothing ever happened until he feels threatened, in which he’ll utilize the “civility” speech.  The tactic, much like shouting “Racist!” in a debate, is intended to quell the opposition by silencing them into submission.  Luckily, it only works on other liberals who have a sense of self-hatred to rival any manic depressive necromaniac.

It’s also likely he avoids saying anything to these fools because he realizes he remains in their company.  To expose their violent rhetoric is to admit his own, in turn exposing his own hypocrisy.  This would sufficiently shatter the reality he has created, and no narcissist would willingly destroy the pristine illusion of self they have constructed.

Surely, any normal person would make a change and attempt to right their footing before an election.  But as any rational person will tell you, liberals continually fit the description of “lunatics” because they continually expect different results from the same methods.

The sad thing is that Obama will lose to a Republican in 2012, forcing us to suffer through an entirely different brand of hypocrisy and lunacy, one reserved for religious fundamentalists and crazy southern rednecks with shotguns.

If only one thing is certain in this universe, it’s inconsistency.  Gödel’s incompleteness theorems, coupled with the laws of thermodynamics, guarantees this.  We humans are gripped in the stranglehold of natural entropy, spinning and spinning in a dizzy, chaotic whirlwind of lies and deceit that never cease to exist.  We’re but mere mortals caught up in a neverending battle for universal decay.


3 thoughts on “Continuing observations on political hypocrisy

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