Occupy Wall Street – Doomed to Fail

The “Occupy Wall Street” protests have risen up out of the ashes of stupidity and banality.  This is apparently the liberal attempt to make a movement with as much impact as the Tea Party, but it will assuredly lose momentum quickly (remember the “coffee party” a few years back?).  This is because they have absolutely no idea what they’re even trying to accomplish.  With broad, sweeping statements like “we oppose corporate greed”, they cannot hope to reach any goals.

The main problem with this movement is its inherent negativity and failure to promote anything other than “solidarity” (whatever the hell that means) and “democracy”.  Their web site speaks of joining forces with the people of Greece, calling them heroes for shutting down their own government.

Nevermind the fact that Greece was demolished by its own reckless spending on welfare and other goodies for the populace.  If it’s true they shut down their own government, it’s because they’re nothing but a bunch of spoiled, whiny brats who threw a tantrum when told they could no longer have their freebies.

Do I disagree with the “end corporate greed” mantra?  Of course not.  But I believe we also need to end government greed.  Somehow it’s acceptable to these people that the government takes my money and “redistributes wealth” because I don’t have the “right” to keep what I’ve earned.  That’s the kind of thinking these people embrace, and it disgusts me.  End corporate greed, but start with the greedy politicians in bed with them.  And yes, that means both Democrats and Republicans.  Let’s not forget Obama bailed out Wall Street and the auto industry.

The Tea Party has offered viable solutions and candidates touting those solutions.  “Occupy Wall Street” has offered nothing but children who are crying for their freebies.  If this is the American dream, then the dream has been crushed by selfish, overindulgent fools whose only goal is to spend others’ money.  This is not the America I believe in.

How many Tea Party demonstrators have been arrested in the past three years?  Certainly not as many “Occupiers” have been in the past three weeks.  Tells you a little something about the liberal mindset and its inability to hold itself to the same standards.  Violence and defiance are no-nos, unless of course it’s for a cause they support.

The “Occupy Wall Street” movement will continue to cause trouble, defy the police, and when arrested, they will cry foul.  They will plead for the First Amendment, when it is they who have trampled upon it by neglecting the right to peacefully assemble.  When that fails to win over detractors, they will cry racism or gender discrimination or whatever societal plague they fancy at the time.

This is liberal desperation, pure and simple.  Obama is a failure and these people simply cannot accept it.  Instead of facing truth and plain, simple facts, they resort to skirting the issue and pointing the blame elsewhere.  Typical liberal tactic, and it will fail as it has in the past, over and over again.


6 thoughts on “Occupy Wall Street – Doomed to Fail

  1. People in government need to loose their jobs and/or everything. Until they do, they will continue in greed. Let them live down here like the rest of us. They wouldn’t make it.

  2. Interesting and thoughtful post Josh.

    When I see the Occupiers on the news, I do feel a little sorry for them – The one’s I’ve observed seem to be the lost members of society; the peripheral folks who are baffled as to how main stream works and even “why” it works.

    You’re right. A noisy, generalized, and non-coherent message of non-specific dissatisfaction will likely fail. It’s difficult for the decision makers in society to get their arms around it, even if they agree with the Occupiers.

    I do think they’ve been noticed, though. Some of the nations unions seem to be supporting them and even ready to join them. If this does occur, the Unions will “take over” the demonstrations, develop a more clear message, resulting in many of the original Occupiers leaving to find simpler causes to fight for back home. Once the unions take over this event, it will become something different and may, actually, evolve into a measurable movement.

    Ironically, I agree we have rampant corruption in Government as well as throughout the national, corporate infrastructure of our nation. I don’t exactly know what to do about it. On some level, I know picking up a placard and shouting a rallying cry for change and national improvement is a real option for myself, and many other people who love our country.

    Always enjoy reading your thoughts Josh – Keep up the insightful efforts and let’s all stay tuned!

    Thx! Jeremy Ansell, 970-567-0144

    • I do agree, Jeremy, that the “Occupy Wall Street” movement will likely be hijacked by the unions. But they’re already having difficulty being taken seriously now, and once the unions jump in it will become incredibly difficult to remove the “liberal” stamp. This is completely against their mantra, the whole “I’m part of the 99% of regular people” idea.

      It may get some more movement when unions jump in, but then it will become incredibly politicized and, like anything else stuck in our two party quagmire, will eventually sink and disappear in the face of harsh criticism from Republicans and conservative news outlets.

      I still identify with the Tea Party much more simply because they aim at the root of the problem: our backwards, selfish government, which hasn’t been able to reign in Wall Street due to its own stupidity.

      But I also agree with you that I feel some anguish for these people. They don’t even realize its the government that has failed them mostly because the government failed to give them a proper education in the first place.

      Now they continue the Obama-Zombie plague of attacking capitalism because they know nothing else.

  3. Who cares. No matter what side of the proverbial fence one is on, the sun shines for only a short while and then an eternity to sleep in the dusty dark. The Western World has created a hydra, of sorts, that no matter what head you might think you have conquered or even recognized, up pops another. I can’t blame the protesters who voice against the growing fascism of the body politic owned by corporations and which eventually trickles down and strangles the common man; however, the movement, itself, may need to succumb to an agenda, because that is the only thing the world at large will ever understand.

  4. The Lefty ‘rent-a-mob’ duly fulfilled your prophecy for it, at least until someone coughs up the costs of reorganizing it…
    Corporate, government or other, ‘greed’ seems merely the Lefty term of opprobrium for normal human behavior. It will end when our species ends. And a revelation accompanies the realization that it is the force underlying that most productive, natural system for wealth creation called ‘capitalism.’

    That nature, operating in freedom in a marketplace, makes our species wealthy; the same nature operating in a government, makes only slaves and poverty. Fascinating…

    • Completely agreed. Ultimately, the Leftoids fail to understand human nature — either they utterly ignore it or they attempt to will it away. Neither is ever very effective in crafting appropriate legislation to cultivate a prosperous society.

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