“Occupy Wall Street” – Making the rest of us look normal

Pepper spray!
“Occupy Wall Street” members understand pepper spray.

I’ve discussed in a previous blog that “Occupy Wall Street” is doomed to fail because it is unable to present a clear goal or a clear set of demands.  As more and more evidence of their unwillingness to cooperate with law enforcement surfaces, it is becoming clearer that not only will this movement fail, but it will be viewed with the same amount pity and general disgust as the ’60s and ’70s protests.  Woodstock is remembered by a few as a “good time”, but most of society believes it was just a bunch of hippies gathering and making fools of themselves.

“Occupy Wall Street” is evidently no different.  Over 700 arrests have been made already, and the movement is still in its infancy.  Compare that to the light sprinkling of Tea Party arrests over a matter of three years — a quick Google search of “Tea Party arrests” gives no solid number and the Wikipedia is silent on the topic, but it’s clear that “Occupy Wall Street” has already outmatched its conservative rival on the number of members willing to break the law.

No Tea Party member ever tried to overturn a police vehicle or scatter trash.  No Tea Party member ever defecated on a police car.

"Please don't arrest me, officer. I didn't crap on your car."

The unruly mob that makes up the selfish, vile, unsanitary “Occupy Wall Street” movement is incredibly tragic.  If these people wouldn’t act so crazy and repulsive and instead focus on real solutions, they could actually get together and solve something.  Instead, they’re just a bunch of whiny hypocrites who lust for the wealth of others.  These are people who have been failed by the public school system — they recognize a very real problem, a very real injustice in our country, yet have not been provided the emotional intelligence or the critical thinking skills to overcome and solve them.

Liberals should not expect their street representatives to be any different than a bunch of maniacal loons, not after the brainwashing they’ve been put through for 12 years (and possibly more if college was attended).  Now Democrats and other liberals have a more troublesome problem — how do they distance themselves from this group of psychos while maintaining their liberal stance?  In the end, they will likely fail, and I wouldn’t put it past them to actually attempt to hijack this movement.  If they do, they will seal their own fate for 2012 because it is apparent they do not stand for mental stability.

Unlike “Occupy Wall Street”, the Tea Party is at least favored and desirable to the Republican Party.  The Republicans have been trying to hijack that movement for years, and for good reason.  With a clear goal, clear solutions, and normal people unwilling to break the law filling its ranks, the Tea Party is much more mentally stable and desirable to mainstream America.  The Democrats should be vying for their votes, too.

Thankfully in my part of the world, good ol’ Colorado, the mayor of Denver has not been pushed around by these ruffians.  There are reports that police in riot gear aren’t dilly-dallying, and are instead forcing lawbreakers off the streets.  As the linked article states, when did Tea Party protesters ever gear up in anticipation of fighting off the police?

Never, because they’re not lawbreakers.  The only group that will (and quite possibly already) successfully hijack the “Occupy Wall Street” movement are anarchists.  These people are not 99% of the population.  They’re bored college kids who were taught in school that the only thing worth working for is other people’s cash.

In response to all the “I am the 99%” photos circulating the ‘net, I’ve taken my own:

The bottom line is this:  We Americans have never experienced hunger, starvation, frigid cold, civil unrest, fiscal tragedy, or war.  None of this has transpired in most everybody’s lifetime.

“Occupy Wall Street” is comprised of frustrated children who cannot cope with the difficulties of the real world.


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