Mitt Romney may clinch the presidency — for Barack Obama

With the recent reports that Newt Gingrich will be suspending his campaign on May 1, the way is now paved for Mitt Romney to stomp out the libertarian base of Ron Paul supporters and move forward on a full campaign toward the presidency.

I want to support Romney, mostly because he’s Just-Not-Obama, but there are some things about the man that terrify me.  First and foremost, he has been hailed by the left as the “only adult in the room” during the debates (more specifically by Robert Shrum, a Democratic campaign adviser).  It is this approval of the left that may be the death of any Republican nominee, and every conservative should be wondering why we want any leftist-approved person running for the presidency.

The liberal-biased media has held to a steadfast strategy of choosing the least conservative Republican candidate and giving them the spotlight.  Prominent liberals then focus on this person and offer platitudes about how they are “middle of the road” and are most certainly the best pick for the Republican nomination.  Then, when that candidate receives the nomination, they are utterly destroyed by the same media and pundits who previously approved them.

We saw this happen with John McCain in 2008.  Hailed as a “moderate Republican” in the primaries, he was described as “too old” and “too conservative” by liberals during his presidential campaign and was devastated by a huge turnout in black voters and young voters.  His “moderate” stances led to his downfall, and I’m sensing déjà vu this year.

Sometimes I can’t help but wonder if the Republican leadership wants to maintain this status quo of losing elections, but I can’t imagine to what end.  Or perhaps they’re simply opting for the candidate who appears the most presidential and is the most charismatic, but that theory doesn’t explain McCain’s selection in 2008.  The seemingly only viable answer is that the media has such a stranglehold on America that it influences even the party it does not favor.

Romney does seem to have some fight in him, already having launched several attacks against Obama’s dreadful record.  And yes, he is incredibly charismatic and well-spoken, which arguably won the presidency for President Zero in 2008.  But although he has a chance at winning the Big Prize of Presidency, his perceived flip-flopping past may come back to haunt him in a big way — because when it comes to elections and politics, perception is reality.

In the end, I may not personally vote for Romney because either he is not conservative enough or carries too many big government ideas.  But I can tell you this, anybody else will be a significant improvement over the destructive and divisive policies of President Barack “Zero” Obama.


One thought on “Mitt Romney may clinch the presidency — for Barack Obama

  1. It sort of is the same thing that happend in 2004 for the dems. Not sure why but it seems they put up a bunch of people that were just horrible and Bush won re-election. Same thing here. Obama is going to get re-election by the Rep party not putting up a strong enough canidates.

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