President Obama and the Great Misdirection

...someday, all this will be yours...

Here we stand, America.  Our nation is at a crossroads.  Our economy is weighed by trillions of dollars of debt and hanging by the loose threads of a big, fat, red deficit.  Our Attorney General is involved in one of the biggest scandals resulting in the loss of American life just to prove “current gun laws do not work”, and he’s getting away with it.  Not to mention he’s spending his free time bringing ridiculous lawsuits against states (see:  Arizona) and certain individuals in those states (see:  Sheriff Joe Arpaio).

We’re rooted in numerous wars overseas, unemployment hasn’t been below 8% in three years, the housing market is still struggling to pull itself together, and we apparently were lied to about al Qaeda’s supposed demise.

Our president is taking the time this week to weigh in on a crucial issue that will surely lead our country into prosperity, break us from the chains of debt, and pull us from the brink of disaster we’ve been narrowly avoiding for years.

It’s not a new stimulus package.  It’s not even a filthy new bailout.  It’s gay marriage.  Because, apparently, America does not need a solution, it needs merely to focus on a socially divisive issue that will get us all flustered, angry, and loud.  If the masses are screaming at each other about a practical non-issue, then maybe he can swoop in and save the day by claiming whichever votes he thinks he’s suddenly won.  And in his mind, “saving the day” is equivalent to “getting re-elected”.

Super Important Issue

“You see… it’s not so much about the economy or the jobs or what-have-you. It’s about the gays. Wait, no, it’s about marriage and equality. Something like that. Where’s my teleprompter?”

While our heroic president prevaricates on gay marriage in the hope to win a few more votes, the rest of us are stuck in the real world facing foreclosures, 8.1% unemployment, and the possibility of losing loved ones overseas.

But this will come back to bite him.  America has already professed its non-acceptance of gay marriage, as 30 states have constitutional amendments or other provisions banning it.  Whether this is a good thing or not is for God to decide, not me.  But what I do know is that Obama’s sudden attempt to pander to the incredibly loud, incredibly whiny minority will fail, because he will not overcome the momentum of the people.  He is only a man bound by his office and restrained by our influence.

Besides, we all know he’s lying anyway.  Apparently, only a little pressure is required to speed up the process of “evolution”.

It seems, Mr. President, you can only hear half of us.  Don’t worry — you’ll hear the rest of our voices come November.

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5 thoughts on “President Obama and the Great Misdirection

  1. Very accurate assessment of our fearless leader’s motives and lack of concern for the majority of Americans who are trying to survive in a country that he is ruining.

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  3. We can only hope and pray that he is a one term president. He will be hard to beat for as terrible as he is as a president, he can be quite a fearsome candidate. If Obama is indeed given four more years to run amock we will see some bad times indeed. Who knows what he will do when he doesn’t have to worry about the constraints of having to face the voters again? What times we live in…

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