And thus is born the Ministry of Plenty

...this is only the beginning.

In George Orwell’s pivotal novel 1984, the western world has descended into a complete authoritarian regime in which four major “ministries” oversee all functions pertaining to internal and external operations of the country (or countries, as the case may be).  They rely on “newspeak”, a form of censorship that seeks to play down the “bad” ideas to make them appear less disastrous than they really are.  It is political correctness to the extreme.

The four ministries are named for their ultimate goal, but do not accurately portray their functions.  One of the ministries is called the “Ministry of Plenty”, whose sole purpose is to control domestic production and ration foods and goods as they see fit.  Their ultimate aim is to ensure there is “plenty” to go around for everybody, but their methods are mired in starvation, redistribution, and ultimately lying to the people about the real numbers behind production.

Today, the Supreme Court has opened a door to allow the federal government to dictate what we must buy solely on the basis of birth, and through this door lies the Ministry of Plenty.  If Congress can now dictate our health care, the state must now require a budget for it.  And if the state requires a budget, it now has a newly vested interest in our individual lives.

In taking this step, the Supreme Court has now affirmed our worst fears — that the federal government is on the path to complete control.  If they must keep health care costs down, they must control who is seen by physicians; they must control the supplies and logistics in maintaining health services; they must dictate when we should go jogging and when we should, incidentally, eat broccoli (unless, of course, you are an illegal immigrant).

This infringement on our individual freedoms will come slowly, and by the time all is lost our children and our children’s children will not know the difference.  The Ministry of Plenty will continue to tell them there is enough food to go around (“if we just tax the rich a little more”) while they starve in the streets due to government mishandling.

Au revoir, freedom.

Freedom has suffered a major blow today, and it’s hard to say whether the American people will rise against it or simply return to their Kardashians and their iPhones.  The Constitution now lies on the ground in its death throes, forgotten, but hey — I hear a new season of Gossip Girl is starting up in the fall.

Even sadder are the idiotic liberals racing around claiming victory while the fences close in around them.  Only one entity won today, and it surely was not the American people.  But liberals are those who could stand in a small enclosure and declare themselves to be on the outside.

Where do we go after such a suffering defeat?  Do we have any options?  Apparently there are no longer any defenders of freedom remaining in the government.  If freedom cannot be achieved or reclaimed through legislative means, or through judicial means, or through executive means, or through peaceful means, what remains?

I believe we will find out in 15-20 years’ time.  And it won’t be pretty.


2 thoughts on “And thus is born the Ministry of Plenty

  1. You talk as if health insurance is a bad thing. It’s not like the government is mandating us to buy skunk juice — this is supposed to be a good thing. This is supposed to make sure I don’t have to absorb the costs of Mr.-On the Streets by paying more for my own bills, which somehow I found it responsible to pay. We all already pay the price when an uninsured person enters the hospital, don’t we?

    I also wonder if you’ve proposed a slippery slope fallacy with your “now you must eat broccoli” argument. I think there will be ways to reduce health care costs without dictating healthy lifestyles. C’mon, do you really think the doctor’s office needs $140 or whatever they typically charge just to see you 5 minutes for that pulled muscle? There’s already a lot of fat to be trimmed away before anyone should need to look at dictating healthy lifestyles.

    Besides, have you looked at how long Social Security is going to run for? If anything, the government should be mandating we eat McDonald’s 5 times a week — Lord knows they don’t want any more of us running around at 65 than they absolutely have to.

    Your move… 🙂

    • The insistence of some to continue pressing the “You don’t want healthcare” argument is incredibly tiresome. I’ll dispel the myth by blatantly saying of course I want healthcare — I’ve purchased it for myself and my wife through my employer.

      The issue transcends health care, and in the case of the government, there is no such thing as a “slippery slope fallacy”, only a “slippery slope truth”. When a door opens to them, it becomes a floodgate. They WILL use this to exercise further control over our lives, and they WILL continue to take away freedoms inch by inch. No government in the history of the entire world has ever sated its thirst for absolute, total control over its citizens (and now subjects).

      Health care isn’t even the point. Now that the federal government has the ability to dictate what we purchase, they WILL use it. What’s next — everybody must purchase a hybrid vehicle to slow down global warming? Everybody must purchase a TV and/or computer to ensure they receive daily announcements from the government? It will NOT end.

      Health care is a completely different matter. The overextension of the federal government as we know it is not the answer, and never will be. If we want to fix the problem, the solution lies in the reform of insurance agencies or perhaps their complete removal. I can’t say for sure because it’s a complex issue.

      But to suggest that giving more power to the government is any kind of answer is ludicrous, and the very antithesis of the libertarian principles I believe this country was founded on.

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