RNC Scripted Rules Change

Normally I wouldn’t make a new post simply to share a video, but I found this one fascinating. How can we possibly vote for a man who has been produced by a party so willing to resort to corrupt methods to enforce its will?


2 thoughts on “RNC Scripted Rules Change

  1. I totally agree! OMG! Mitt Romney is no better than Obama. He not only saw what was happening, he started it. Him and his lawyer pushed for the change. So, if any others haven’t figured this out… …The Republican party can (and will) choose who they want without any input from the people. It won’t be “by the people”. It won’t be “for the people”. Those in charge of the RNC will nominate for us because they think us to stupid to think for ourselves. We won’t have a say AT ALL !!!!! Wake up!!! I have been a Republican all my life and I’m 52 yrs old. I have raised my child to know right from wrong. I am a Christian and proud of it !! Mitt Romney just told all the children of America that it’s OK to cheat. He just told all the teenagers across the nation, it’s NOT how you play the game, it’s winning that counts !!!! OMG!!! I will not vote for Romney! Not now (and I was going to). My only hopes is that every Republican out there votes for Gary Johnson on the Libertarian ticket. He has been blocked from participating in the debates but he will be on the ballots. I know it sounds crazy but we have to show the RNC that they CANNOT get away with this. If we vote Republican now, they will get away with it and next election, we won’t even have a say at all!!!

    • You’re absolutely right, Ms. Cruz. I, too, was a staunch Republican, but only until some digging the last 3-4 years have I realized that the party has gone corrupt and out of control. They only want to pander to their extreme base, which originally separated them from Democrats. Now they’ve adopted a doors-closed, “if you’re not with us you’re against us” policy. In the end, we didn’t leave the Republican party… the Republican party left us.

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