Obama (Unsurprisingly) Exploits Children

President Obama Exploits Children

On January 16, 2013, President Barack Obama signed 23 executive orders seeking to “curb gun violence” while several children surrounded him.  These children weren’t picked at random; instead, they are the authors of several letters that President Obama is touting as another reason to give government more control in the sale of guns nationwide.  Here’s the full text of the letter from Grant Fitz, an eight year old who stood with Obama as he signed the orders:

Dear President Obama,

I think there should be some changes in the law with guns.  It’s a free country but I recommend there needs [to] be a limit with guns.  Please don’t let people own machine guns or other powerful guns like that.  I think there should be a good reason to get a gun.  I think there should be a limit about how many guns a person can own.  We should learn from what happened at Sandy Hook.  I feel really bad about what just happened.

Sincerely, Grant

Well, now that we’ve heard this from an eight year old, I suppose we can put the entire issue to bed.  Case closed.  Kids everywhere think that stricter gun laws should be in effect — who needs constitutional scholars to interpret the meaning of the Second Amendment when we have children to direct us in our current legislation?

Despite the proffered sarcasm, Obama obviously does not consider the opinions of children when writing new legislation (at least I hope he doesn’t, but I also wouldn’t put it past him).  This is merely another ploy to tug on the heartstrings of America and give him the approval he needs to ram down whatever legislation he sees fit.  And, quite frankly, I find it disgusting.

None of the arguments in favor of more government-led gun control are rooted in logic; au contraire, they are wrapped in crocodile tears and dipped in feel-good legislation that only serve to disarm legal gun owners.  They don’t need to come door to door and collect guns to disarm us, they merely need to impose as many draconic regulations as is necessary to prevent law-abiding citizens from purchasing new guns.  Nevermind the fact that Chicago, which has some of the most stringent gun control laws in the country, suffered 500 homicides alone.  As long as the legislation appeals to Obama and his cronies’s narcissistic sense of “do-goodery”, they’ll pass whatever they want.

Executive OrdersToo little, too late, Mr. President.  In anticipation of Obama’s upcoming (and unknown) attempts to place a stranglehold on gun sales, gun sales have already skyrocketed.  Now that he’s starting to sign legislation against law-abiding citizens, we can probably expect those sales to multiply yet again.  In his mind, all this behavior probably justifies his “they cling to guns and religion” comments a few years earlier.

I notice that the children of the woman who successfully defended her home against a home invader in Georgia on January 4 were not included among the president’s minor advisers.  Once again, anything that does not fit with his narrative of current events is promptly dismissed.  But Obama is not the kind of man who will consider all facets of an issue; his idea of a “discussion” is simply another lecture to half of the country who disagree with his blatant disregard for the U.S. Constitution.

If he were a man sincerely concerned with the personal liberty of its citizens, he would question his own role in the current Sandy Hook conspiracy theories.  I’m not a conspiracy theorist by any means, but it does seem odd that this entire debacle arises shortly after Obama’s re-election, in which he admittedly now has more flexibility.  Only in a country whose citizens have zero trust in the media and the government would such conspiracy theories arise, and the president needs to consider his own contributions to such theories.

A representative in Montana has presented a bill that will nullify any attempt the federal government makes to impose stricter gun control laws on the state; Wyoming has introduced a similar bill, and Texas has proposed they jail any federal agent attempting to enforce firearms restrictions.

Whether you agree with these proposed bills or not, one thing is clear:  Obama has played a very large part in scaring the hell out of the populous so much that they’re beginning to stand up to the federal government’s self-imposed authority.  A wiser man would step back and say, “Is there anything I’ve done to encourage this behavior?”

But we can wish for wiser “leaders” all day long, and still we’ll be stuck with the same incompetence and unabashed hypocrisy.  The government has every right to sell guns to Mexican Drug Cartels (under the Fast and Furious Scandal) and Obama’s children are protected daily by armed security (this NRA ad came out after Obama already exploited the use of children in his campaign against guns, and yet they were called out for “crossing the line”).

For now, the most we the people can do is continue to buy guns and encourage our local lawmakers to stand with Montana, Wyoming, and Texas to push back the federal government.  An America-wide protest will be held this Saturday at each state capitol — if you have the day off work, consider joining it and exercising your First Amendment right as a means to protect your Second Amendment right.  We don’t want this issue to ever spiral into the need to use our Second Amendment right to protect all our rights.


3 thoughts on “Obama (Unsurprisingly) Exploits Children

  1. So, is there an answer to keep children from becoming the victims of gun violence? It’s difficult for me to criticize one man’s solution unless I have an alternate solution myself. And shrugging our shoulders in apathy while we wait for the next school to be attacked is not a solution.

    Would teachers be willing to be paid a little less so we can afford to pay armed security to stand sentry at each school? Probably not, but it IS a solution that could work. I’m sure that’s got its own share of problems, too (what happens if the security guard goes nuts, etc.), but ya gotta start somewhere…

    • Sure, there are answers and solutions, but it’s just not as simple as issuing 23 decrees that will have no effect and couldn’t have stopped the shooting. (Even Mayor Bloomberg agrees with me on that one.)

      Obama is clearly not offering solutions. He’s offering ideology in the wake of a tragedy, and employing the age-old political strategy of appearing to take action. I don’t feel bad offering more non-solutions in the light of his proposed non-solution. 😉

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