The Liberal Overreach in Colorado has Failed


When Colorado passed its citizen-driven Amendment 64 to legalize marijuana, the far-left members of the Democratic party saw it as a welcome mat on the door of public policy.  Senate President John Morse and Senator Angela Giron jumped at the opportunity to introduce stifling gun control legislation in the wake of the Aurora theater and Newtown shootings, no doubt expecting overwhelming support in what they believed was a new liberal paradise.

Governor John Hickenlooper signed into law three controversial Democrat-sponsored bills, one of which banned magazines that carried more than ten rounds and forced firearms manufacturer Magpul Industries to close up shop to seek out greener pastures.

A grassroots recall effort managed to raise roughly $540,000 ($360,000 of which was donated by the NRA), incredibly outmatched and outspent by Senators Morse and Giron, who raised $3 million ($350,000 of which was donated by New York Mayor Bloomberg according to The Denver Post) and succeeded in ousting the out-of-touch and arrogant senators — an unprecedented occurrence in Colorado politics.

Most surprising is the amount by which Giron was defeated, who represented the southern city of Pueblo and its heavily concentrated Democratic base.  She lost by a whopping 12% in the recall election, suggesting that registered Democrats in southern Colorado aren’t exactly happy with her anti-gun stance.

The far left saw the passing of Amendment 64 as an opportunity to introduce more extreme legislation, but failed to consider the possibility that perhaps Coloradoans just want to be left alone.  Perhaps it is the result of a growing libertarian base, or perhaps it is simply a rejection of outside interests, but apparently liberals in Colorado are more sane than their coastal counterparts and believe in a less extreme application of gun regulations.

In any case, the message has been sent to Colorado’s legislators, Governor Hickenlooper, and any other public servant who attempts to deny law-abiding citizens the capability to defend themselves:  Attempt to disarm us, and your job will be on the line.  Fail to listen to us, and we’ll force you to change career paths.


4 thoughts on “The Liberal Overreach in Colorado has Failed

  1. John Morse, Angela Giron, and John Hickenlooper are the very face of arrogance and “Tyranny of the Majority”. When this party completely dominates a state, they impose their self-centered agenda on the People. The recalls have disrupted their fantasy land, and they simply can’t deal with it. They are unable to feel contrite, but have to blame any thing and any body other than themselves. These recalls are the bellwether events to return Colorado to a free state. In other words, “Throw the Bums out!”

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