Your complaints are (magically) ruining the economy

A recent Yahoo! “Finance” article written by Rick Newman states that if you’re complaining about the economy, you’re wrecking the economy.  Consider this little gem:

It’s easy to disregard what’s going right and highlight nothing but the challenges we face—which seems to be a lot of people’s preference. But gloom itself may now be a bigger economic problem than any of the traditional ones. There’s no bellyacher index I’m aware of, but if you read between the lines, there does seem to be growing evidence that we believe things are worse than they are—and maybe even want to believe that.

Note the blatant lack of evidence.  Media has become so lazy that they don’t even attempt to conjure a half-assed consequence of our disrespectful thoughtcrimes.  The next paragraph reveals why this particular writer has no qualms about forgoing evidence and logical conclusions:

 Only 19% of American say the law has harmed them in any way, while 9% say it has helped and 69% say it hasn’t affected them at all. That 19% is too high, but it’s a good bet that number will go down and the percentage helped by the law will go up. As the feds work out the kinks, more people enroll and the initial fear factor (along with the partisan attacks) wear off.

Emphasis mine.  It clearly shows not only a bias in favor of our beta-male-in-chief Obama (the modern champion of the non sequitur), but also a malicious attitude aimed at dissenters.  When you have no evidence to back up your claims, the easiest way to indulge your delusions is to wave off any opposing viewpoints and keep telling yourself everything is all right because the authorities have everything under control.  How can we trust media when it has so clear an agenda and half its politically illiterate readership fails to question it?  (Although I should note the comments are filled with readers who instill some semblance of hope in my embittered soul.)

The government’s attempt to guilt us into believing our troubles are pure fabrication is working — main media outlets now accept it as fact and are repeating the mantra that if you believe something hard enough, it’s real (and can be made real for others via written words on paper).

The final paragraph illustrates the article’s blatant attempt to manipulate the minds of hardworking Americans whose lives have been affected by the idiotic actions of the minority in Washington, D.C.:

There are plenty of Americans, needless to say, who haven’t let a weak economy or a few disappointments slow them down. They’re starting companies, doing deals, trying new things and in some cases making a lot of money. But are there enough of them to drag everybody else along? My guess is no. At some point, you either stop complaining and pick yourself up, or people stop hearing your complaints.

Companies like Solyndra are doing just fine.  Apparently crony capitalism is no longer a bad thing when it supports your twisted worldview, and the tenets of existentialism and self-sufficiency are applicable only when dashing the efforts of those struggling for economic freedom in the face of an ever-growing and oppressive government.


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