Migration Habits of Parasitic Liberals


Demographer William Frey of the Brookings Institution has analyzed Census Bureau data to determine the metropolitan areas with the most and least growth. The results will not shock those with their feet planted firmly in reality, but will garner only finger-pointing and blame-gaming from the slack-jawed liberal masses.

See if you can spot the trend:

move-away move-toIt doesn’t take a demographics expert to see that people are fleeing the cities burdened with heavy taxes, union troubles, and other big government “solutions” and flocking to cities with more economic freedom and less intrusive regulations (with the exception of Portland and Seattle, which are surely seeing such expanse due to their technological growth and budding Seahawks fans).

Put simply:  Liberal policies lead to destruction, and destruction leads to physical and capital flight.

You’d think the fleeing natives would take a moment to look back at the destruction they’ve caused via incompetent voting habits and perhaps try a different strategy in their new locale. But no, they spread their filthy ideology like parasitic locusts, sapping a region’s resources dry before moving on to lusher areas that have yet to suffer the taint of their hunger for destruction.

It’s only a matter of time before this disease is spread to every end America and the only reasonable escape lies beyond its boundaries. But airplanes and boats are a vector for liberal infection, too, so any escape is sure to be followed by the raging epidemic of ignorance.

This observation is merely more evidence supporting the premise that liberalism can only survive within a framework of economic freedom.


One thought on “Migration Habits of Parasitic Liberals

  1. Trying a different strategy would mean admitting they are wrong, and since the definition of liberal is “I’m right, anyone that disagrees is a fascist” I’m not sure they possess introspection abilities.

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