An Open Letter to Colorado’s House State, Veterans and Military Affairs Committee

Seal_of_ColoradoRocky Mountain Gun Owners sent out an e-mail with information on HB 14-1151, a bill to repeal the magazine ban of 2013 that was passed in response to the Aurora, CO theater shooting in 2012 and the Newtown, CT shooting in 2013. The bill will be considered by the House State, Veterans and Military Affairs Committee this Monday, February 10, and may pave the way to fight back against all the Bloombergs and all the Obamas who seek to disarm us. RMGO requested its members and supporters to write the committee and tell them to vote YES to on HB 14-1151 to repeal the ban.

I wrote them this morning and thought I would share with you my letter in the hopes that you, too, will be inspired to write your representatives in your home state to sway their actions toward freedom and liberty. Please feel free to use my letters as templates to share in the cause of liberty. You’ll note I make several pleas to emotion and feelings. In an ideal world logic would rule, but we find ourselves in a world that is incapable of seriously considering cause and effect in its legislation.

If I receive a response from any of these representatives, I will share them here. For your consideration, my letter:


I am writing to you today in reference to HB 14-1151, an effort to repeal the high-capacity magazine ban of 2013. As I understand it, you will be considering this bill on Monday, February 10th.
As a concerned citizen who shared in the grief and tragedy we experienced on July 20, 2012, I don’t doubt the tenacity and ambition of our elected representatives to take measures in protecting the innocent from such violent acts. The desire to protect those who may not be able to protect themselves in horrifying scenarios such as the mass shooting in the Aurora theater is honorable and the sign of a compassionate, civilized society.
However, the magazine ban enacted in the name of protecting our fellow man has instead burdened him with the inability to properly protect himself and his family. There is an old adage: “Outlaw guns and only outlaws will have guns.” While simplistic, the saying does touch on a few simple points of human behavior that I feel our representatives neglected to consider when voting on the original bill.
First and foremost, criminals will never follow the law, and expecting them to change their courses of action simply because we have ordered them to do so on paper is nothing short of naïve. We have police officers and prisons to protect us from these people, which you must agree are more effective than hastily written words on paper.
Secondly, those of us who recognize the law are subjected to the egregious offense of being summarily disarmed while those who ignore it continue to arm themselves. While the police exist to protect us, we must also be allowed to rely on ourselves to protect our friends and family. Naturally, we should bear the consequences of our actions just as those who have chosen to take aim at the innocent should; however, we should not be punished for such evil actions unless we choose to perpetrate them ourselves.
If you must disregard the old adage, then please consider the impact on Colorado’s economy and community. Magpul, a company that employed over 200 jobs and brought in over $80 million to the state annually, closed shop and headed for friendlier states after determining they would eventually go out of business if they stayed. It may be conducive to re-election campaigns to speak of “creating jobs”, but the actions of Colorado’s representatives have proven their hearts and minds lie elsewhere.
If the principles of basic human behavior and the ill economic effects don’t sway you, please also consider the recall efforts against Senate President John Morse, Senator Angela Giron, and Senator Evie Hudak. Two were successfully recalled and the third stepped down in the face of an impending recall. The people spoke clearly and loudly when Morse and Giron were recalled, and they’re expecting you to listen. Many Coloradoans felt that their voices were not heard or were simply ignored the last time we discussed gun control in our beautiful state, and two esteemed Senators lost their jobs because of it. While I don’t doubt the eagerness of our representatives to maintain our safety, I also don’t doubt the eagerness of the populace to preserve their freedoms at all costs. In short, a refusal to take their voices into consideration will result in more lost jobs in Colorado — but of the public sector kind rather than the private sector kind.
Please vote YES on HP 14-1151 to repeal the magazine ban of 2013. Thank you for your time.

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