Showdown: Bloomberg vs. Reality


Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is at it again. This time he’s convinced himself that a top-down organization funded by rich liberals like himself is a “grass-roots effort”. Last week he announced “Everytown for Gun Safety“, a terrible play on words that switches the word “New” with “Every” in a shameless attempt to evoke emotion over a tragedy. The new organization is an umbrella group for his two other gun groups, “Mayors Against Illegal Guns” and “Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America”.

In the wake of Colorado recalls, a Harvard Study that reveals gun control has no effect on gun violence, and now a new report by the FBI that reveals more guns equal less crime, it’s no wonder Bloomberg is switching up his playbook. He needs to find new ways to alter people’s perception of reality so that they don’t feel inclined to make their self-defense choices on their own. That could be an unmitigated disaster, having all those people thinking for themselves, and who better to swoop in and save them from themselves but ol’ Big Gulp himself?

Bloomberg faces the uphill battle of harsh reality. The NRA is made up of over five million regular people who aren’t going to idly stand by and watch some loon from New York try to forcibly remove their rights. The NRA may be a huge organization, but it’s more “grass roots “than his efforts will ever be.

Of course, Bloomberg and his associates aren’t worried about statistics and facts. Those are minor inconveniences in the grand scheme of ultimate government control. Check out this little gem, spoken by Shannon Watts, the founder of “Moms Demand Action”:

The NRA should be afraid. Moms are afraid that our children will be taken away. In the end, that’s the emotion that’s going to win.

The liberal war on logic and thought has become so blatant — and so welcomed — that they just admit they ignore statistics now. After all, this is the country who voted Barack Obama into office in twice without even reading his resume, so Bloomberg and his anti-reason buddies are actually on to something.

The most notable change in Bloomberg’s playbook is this little nugget of irrationality:  “Women, and more particularly mothers, will be the key demographic in the outreach to curb gun violence.” Granted, it’s quite potent. Women are much more susceptible to emotional pleas, mostly because they place a higher value on group cohesion. The wrong message packaged in just the right way may sway the tide of under-informed women, who seem to have a vice grip on the genitals of government these days. With the right amount of prodding and twisting, Bloomberg could have a shot at getting strict gun control laws passed.

But I wonder if he’s prepared to deal with the consequences? Question 47 suggests that two-thirds of Americans — including liberals and Democrats — would defy laws to outright remove guns from the hands of citizens. Bloomberg needs to play it inch by inch, a war of attrition, if he wishes to influence public opinion that much.

It’s hardly feasible. He has a lot of money, but not enough to outspend the NRA and change the minds of eight million gun owners in America.


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