Close the Gates!


What do you do when your intended victims catch on to your abusive behavior and attempt to flee? You close the gates, of course. Blame them for their own problems and then prevent their escape.

Such is the new policy of the Obama administration, which raised the expatriation fee from $450 to $2,350 to “capture the real, unsubsidized cost of providing this service”.

What service is that, exactly? Dropping a name out of the IRS’s tax database? Scrubbing all the videos, phone records, and wiretaps associated with the person who wishes to leave?

This is clearly a petty counterattack to those richies who didn’t display the appropriate level of “economic patriotism” to Herr Obama and — along with the ridiculous behavior accompanying the government shutdown — is indicative of a immature narcissist.

Only 3,937 people renounced their citizenship between 2001 and 2008. Since Obama took office, though, 2,787 have renounced their citizenship. A whopping 750 left the country in 2013 and already 789 have packed their bags this year — and that’s only reported quarters one and two. We still have two more to go and I seriously doubt raising the price of taking one’s names off the U.S. tax books will slow the number of people who are hightailing it out of the most oppressive America since Wilson’s administration. At this rate, Obama will oversee the greatest exodus in the history of the United States by the end of his presidency.

Of course, I’m sure he’ll blame it on those evil rich people who are trying to avoid paying their “fair share” or those horrible right-wingers who simply cannot bear to endure the collapse of Western civilization as we know it.

As the walls of socialism are erected around us, the final act ensuring its implementation is to cut off our escape route. However, Obama has never had the gift of foresight or reasonable thought; he does not understand that raising the price of expatriation only allows the super-rich to leave the country. In essence, he’s closing in on the poverty-stricken and the poor, none of which will be able to prop up his unconstitutional government.

Supply, demand, incentives… Obama understands none of these things. As long as he has that “pen”, he will continue to issue one decree after another to achieve his ends even if reality forcibly rejects them one by one.

A rising number of expatriates and a petty insistence on raising the price may seem like a trivial matter, but make no mistake:  These are merely Seals and Trumpets and Bowls that portend the U.S.’s own End Times. We may not be seeing true economic flight quite yet, but this slow trickle will eventually burst from its dam and release its contents across the States in a torrent of enraged citizens unable to bear the burden of a growing government while fighting to defend themselves in the face of a shrinking military.


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