“Yes Means Yes” = Guilty Until Proven Innocent


We want the government out of the bedroom! Until we want them in it!

A few weeks ago, Governor “Moonbeam” Brown signed into law a bill that sets the definition of consent and “when yes really means yes”. According to Senator Kevin de Leone, a Democrat who sponsored the bill:

With this measure, we will lead the nation in bringing standards and protocols across the board so we can create an environment that’s healthy, that’s conducive for all students, not just for women, but for young men as well too, so young men can develop healthy patterns and boundaries as they age with the opposite sex.

In other words:  “All men are rapists and will be treated as such in a court of law, and will be presumed guilty unless found innocent.”

It’s incredible to watch feminism unravel itself before our very eyes. Only 40 years ago they were pushing for a “sexual revolution” that would free all women from the constraints of societal norms and expectations. Now they’re working as hard as ever to restrict sexuality by forcing rigid definitions upon everybody. Before you know it, the “hookup culture” generation’s young men will be armed with legal contracts and personal notaries to ensure each and every sexual encounter is in accordance to the law. Because we all know that the prime target of this law is young men following their biological prime directive.

This is yet another example of a “feel-good” law that will achieve nothing except unjustly sending more men to prison. We already have laws on the books to punish rape and rapes still happen. We have laws to punish murderers and murders still happen. This law will only increase the scope of what is considered “rape” and will, therefore, only serve to create criminals rather than reduce their number. I suppose, though, that’s what any government ultimately wants.

And what will happen to all the young girls uninterested in falsely accusing men of rape and/or sending them to jail? Those who genuinely like men and don’t want to ruin their lives? They will find it even more difficult to pair up with a good guy, because most good guys will see that campus relationships are now designed to crush them from every angle.

If the fear of going to jail on trumped-up charges isn’t enough, the bill is also designed to kill any healthy sex life. According to MSNBC:

The new law will require all schools that receive state funding to adopt an “affirmative consent” standard in their sexual assault policies. This standard, also sometimes called “yes means yes,” requires clear and ongoing consent, rather than just an absence of resistance.

Let’s think about that for a moment. “This standard…requires ongoing consent.” What does that even mean? That every five minutes the guy must stop and ask if he still has consent? Does the girl have to do this? If both are drunk out of their minds and never verbally confirmed their consent to intercourse, are they both rapists? What if he never verbally consents, is she automatically a rapist? If any of these can be answered with “yes”, then by definition my wife and I have raped each other — on multiple occasions — and I’m sure the majority of intimate partners are guilty as well.

I can’t even bring myself to believe that this law was written with the best of intentions. It seems as though feminists and their troops of pansy males (I won’t call them “men”) are trying their best to increase the scope of “rape” in such a way that men are doomed to go to jail for acting on their most primal urges — urges that, I must point out, are not exclusive to their gender. The only difference here is that men are expected to act on their urges and make the first move in social situations, a directive that is apparently now considered somehow evil and wrong. How ironic that today’s Victorian prudes are yesteryear’s sexual revolutionists.

The White House unveiled a new campaign [that] targets members of the campus community, men in particular, to encourage them to step in and intervene in situations where someone might be preparing to commit sexual assault.

I thought feminists were fighting to be seen as equals with men. Why do they need men to intervene? Either feminists are strong and capable of fighting their own battles or they need Obama campaigns that focus on their helplessness. They can’t have it both ways, but they sure are trying to break down those walls of reality so their narrative of “give me everything because I’m a woman” fits.

de Leon continues his idiocy with statements like this:

It’s very difficult to say no when you’re inebriated or someone slips something into your drink.

Well no, duh, genius. That’s why we have already enacted laws against rape. So what is this new bill supposed to do?

Oh, right. Continue spinning the narrative of “men evil, women good”.


13 thoughts on ““Yes Means Yes” = Guilty Until Proven Innocent

    • I would LOVE to see some statistics that support that claim. I would also like to see a logical argument that starts with “Most rapists walk free” and ends with “The ‘Yes Means Yes’ law will prevent most rapists from walking free” (provided, of course, that you can meet the first requirement).

      • OK…let’s start with 60% of sexual assaults are not reported (RAINN). That means at least 60% of the time, the rapist walks free. We get this information from the number of reports of rape to authorities and the number of women who have to seek therapy due to post traumatic stress from sexual assault. There are many more who come forward years after the assault because they can’t cope. Only 3% of the cases that go to court result in a rapist going to jail. So of the 40% that are reported to the cops, only 3% result in convictions. The lack of convictions is because the deck is stacked against the victim. The math is pretty simple – most rapists walk free.

        Your article just goes into a mindless rant fantasizing about what might happen as a result of what is affirmative consent. The problem with so-called due process as we have it now is defending lawyers get to attack victims because they didn’t yell out for help, when it has been shown fairly clearly that many sexual assault victims are paralyzed by fear (http://www.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/jurisprudence/2013/06/why_cops_don_t_believe_rape_victims_and_how_brain_science_can_solve_the.html). With affirmative consent, that can’t be used anymore.

      • You provided statistics, but no source. Of course the math is simple when you pull it from thin air.

        Your “contribution” (if you could call it that ) to this discussion here is done.

  1. Please do everyone a favor and open your eyes. You have absolutely no idea what it’s like to be a woman. We have such fear instilled in us from such a young age because of how society allows men to act. You’re a man. You have absolutely nothing to worry about.

    • “You’re a man. You have absolutely nothing to worry about.”

      It’s this type of response that MAKES me worried. If people like you are not worried about men, then men have to look out for themselves. That includes shooting down hypocritical laws like “Yes Means Yes” which are clearly designed to chew us up and spit us out — by your own admission, YOU and people like you won’t help us.

    • You playing the victim now? Refer to the last few paragraphs. Either you’re capable of taking care of yourself as a “strong, independent” woman or you need men’s help because you’re a victim. Regardless, you won’t get any sympathy from me — nor, I imagine, from the men on college campuses in California.

  2. I’m still not seeing anyone offering a rebuttal explaining why denying someone due process of law is a good thing. Anyone want to take that on? Please explain why guilty until proven innocent should be our new norm.

    • Oh, and, by the way – we already have law that is enforced using ‘guilty until proven innocent’ principles. That’s been the way in environmental law for a number of years.

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