On “Economic Patriotism” Hypocrisy

wealthy-ruining-americaPresident Obama dropped to a new level of hypocrisy* with his anti-capitalist rhetoric yesterday, calling for U.S.-based firms to entertain the notion of “economic patriotism”, which is liberal code for “shut up and bend over”. Let’s take a look at his words — and his staggering new level of hypocrisy — point by point. Continue reading


Survey Says: Obama Worst President Since WWII


While the king has certainly not been dethroned by the recent Quinnipiac University survey revealing he’s reviled as the worst president since WWII, no doubt he has suffered a blow to his overinflated ego. If only we could inflate it so far as to make the man burst like a balloon and reduce his cumbersome ideology to finely torn shreds of rubber on the White House lawn. Continue reading

Harry Reid’s New Obamacare Failure Theory

Harry Reid, Debbie Stabenow, Charles Schumer

“I give up. The Internet is too hard.” – Harry Reid

In perhaps the most hypocritical, asinine statement to come out of the mouth of Harry Reid to date, he blamed the latest Obamacare delay on “people who are uneducated about using the Internet.” Continue reading

Obama’s Minimum Wage – A Lesson in How to Create Unemployment

"Nobody who works full-time in America should have to live in poverty. I'm going to keep on making the case and fighting for the fact that we need to raise our minimum wage, because right now it's in lower terms than it was when Ronald Reagan took office."

“Nobody who works full-time in America should have to live in poverty. I’m going to keep on making the case and fighting for the fact that we need to raise our minimum wage, because right now it’s in lower terms than it was when Ronald Reagan took office.”

Now that the media has once again successfully diverted national attention away from their messiah’s ever-growing list of “phony” scandals (including Benghazi, IRS, NSA, AP, and Fast & Furious — many of which are clear-cut signs of the oncoming police state that the ever-growing number of zombies in our nation fail to recognize), he has turned his sights to gun grabbing and the minimum wage (read his typical sycophantic remarks here).

Of course, his attempt to hike the minimum wage is merely another attempt to divert the national discussion, so I’ll be brief in debunking his theories that are once again heavy in ideology but light in facts. Continue reading

Obama (Unsurprisingly) Exploits Children

President Obama Exploits Children

On January 16, 2013, President Barack Obama signed 23 executive orders seeking to “curb gun violence” while several children surrounded him.  These children weren’t picked at random; instead, they are the authors of several letters that President Obama is touting as another reason to give government more control in the sale of guns nationwide.  Here’s the full text of the letter from Grant Fitz, an eight year old who stood with Obama as he signed the orders: Continue reading

President Obama and the Great Misdirection

...someday, all this will be yours...

Here we stand, America.  Our nation is at a crossroads.  Our economy is weighed by trillions of dollars of debt and hanging by the loose threads of a big, fat, red deficit.  Our Attorney General is involved in one of the biggest scandals resulting in the loss of American life just to prove “current gun laws do not work”, and he’s getting away with it.  Not to mention he’s spending his free time bringing ridiculous lawsuits against states (see:  Arizona) and certain individuals in those states (see:  Sheriff Joe Arpaio).

We’re rooted in numerous wars overseas, unemployment hasn’t been below 8% in three years, the housing market is still struggling to pull itself together, and we apparently were lied to about al Qaeda’s supposed demise.

Our president is taking the time this week to weigh in on a crucial issue that will surely lead our country into prosperity, break us from the chains of debt, and pull us from the brink of disaster we’ve been narrowly avoiding for years.

It’s not a new stimulus package.  It’s not even a filthy new bailout.  It’s gay marriage.  Because, apparently, America does not need a solution, it needs merely to focus on a socially divisive issue that will get us all flustered, angry, and loud.  If the masses are screaming at each other about a practical non-issue, then maybe he can swoop in and save the day by claiming whichever votes he thinks he’s suddenly won.  And in his mind, “saving the day” is equivalent to “getting re-elected”.

Super Important Issue

“You see… it’s not so much about the economy or the jobs or what-have-you. It’s about the gays. Wait, no, it’s about marriage and equality. Something like that. Where’s my teleprompter?”

While our heroic president prevaricates on gay marriage in the hope to win a few more votes, the rest of us are stuck in the real world facing foreclosures, 8.1% unemployment, and the possibility of losing loved ones overseas.

But this will come back to bite him.  America has already professed its non-acceptance of gay marriage, as 30 states have constitutional amendments or other provisions banning it.  Whether this is a good thing or not is for God to decide, not me.  But what I do know is that Obama’s sudden attempt to pander to the incredibly loud, incredibly whiny minority will fail, because he will not overcome the momentum of the people.  He is only a man bound by his office and restrained by our influence.

Besides, we all know he’s lying anyway.  Apparently, only a little pressure is required to speed up the process of “evolution”.

It seems, Mr. President, you can only hear half of us.  Don’t worry — you’ll hear the rest of our voices come November.

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Obama’s “unprecedented” court misshaps

“Unprecedented” has become the President’s catchphrase.  His addiction to this word is overshadowed only by an intense narcissistic personality disorder, which only serves to fuel his addiction.  Everything he does is categorized as “unprecedented”, whether it be his televised “town hall” meetings or the way he butters his bread in the morning.  By the way this man talks, one would think he’s the first and only President of the United States.

Despite his fabricated grandeur, the President has become notorious for his rather high profile failures in the Supreme Court recently.  In an “unprecedented” display of a lack of professionalism, he verbally assaulted the Supreme Court in his 2010 State of the Union Address. Now he’s reaping the consequences, and the most he can do is continue his hollow blathering and empty threats against the Supreme Court.

Granted, it’s not likely the Supreme Court is tearing his legislation apart because they were insulted by his comments two years ago, but I can’t imagine they’re not giddy with excitement at the prospect of turning the tables on him.  Lately, it seems the Court is the only branch of government actually doing its job and basing their decisions on the content of the U.S. Constitution.  Meanwhile, Barack Obama can only offer platitudes like “I know it [the Affordable Care Act] will be upheld because it’s constitutional” and “a rejection would be an unprecedented, extraordinary step of overturning a law that was passed by a strong majority of a democratically elected Congress”.

Perhaps the only unprecedented aspect of this presidency is that we have a man in office who claims to be a “constitutional scholar” but apparently has never studied the document.

Now his administration shows its ignorance in the Arizona v. United States case.  Even Sonia Sotomayer, a liberal who still panders to the Democratic party, questioned the reasoning behind bringing a lawsuit against a state trying to enforce the law.  The Obama administration’s only defense of such a ridiculous move was that “For each state … to set its own immigration policy in that fashion would wholly subvert Congress’ goal: a single, national approach.”

Right… the single, national approach is to let Mexico invade the United States and win every election in the future for the Democratic party by granting them the illegal right to vote.

Obama and his cronies have ignored the needs of the United States citizens.  Instead, they side with the raving lunatics from Mexico who arrived here illegally and pay no taxes.  We hear no suggestions from the left that these criminals should “pay their fair share”, and yet we are assaulted with arguments to give them the “right” to protest the policies of a country in which they have no citizenship status.

Is it so crazy that the Supreme Court doesn’t like this lawsuit?  Is it really all that difficult to comprehend that a state has every right to aid the Federal government in its duty, with or without their explicit permission?  Once again, the liberal agenda is exposed as one that constantly changes the rules to favor its own ends.  Forget the means by which they are achieved, because only the results matter.

Thankfully, we have a Supreme Court that is still neither “conservative” nor “liberal”, but one that carefully scrutinizes every case and weighs the ramifications against the U.S. Constitution.

Perhaps the only thing more “unprecedented” than Barack Obama’s addiction to the word is the density of the air between this president’s ears.

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