Survey Says: Obama Worst President Since WWII


While the king has certainly not been dethroned by the recent Quinnipiac University survey revealing he’s reviled as the worst president since WWII, no doubt he has suffered a blow to his overinflated ego. If only we could inflate it so far as to make the man burst like a balloon and reduce his cumbersome ideology to finely torn shreds of rubber on the White House lawn. Continue reading


The Battered Voter Syndrome

Obamney for Insanity 2012

He lies to me all the time.  He takes my money and tells me that I can’t spend it as well as he can.  I’ve watched him spend us into financial ruin, giving money to his friends, wasting money on irresponsible schemes.  We’re so far in debt, we’ll never get out.

I work long hours to support him.  I bring home all the money, yet he tells me what to do all day long.  He winds up controlling almost every aspect of my life.  He even tells me that I don’t know how to properly raise my own children.

It’s probably all my fault.  I just need to show him that I support him 100 percent.  Maybe then he’ll treat me better.

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