“Yes Means Yes” = Guilty Until Proven Innocent


We want the government out of the bedroom! Until we want them in it!

A few weeks ago, Governor “Moonbeam” Brown signed into law a bill that sets the definition of consent and “when yes really means yes”. According to Senator Kevin de Leone, a Democrat who sponsored the bill:

With this measure, we will lead the nation in bringing standards and protocols across the board so we can create an environment that’s healthy, that’s conducive for all students, not just for women, but for young men as well too, so young men can develop healthy patterns and boundaries as they age with the opposite sex.

In other words:  “All men are rapists and will be treated as such in a court of law, and will be presumed guilty unless found innocent.”

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Where Market Equilibrium and Coed Prostitution Meet


I stumbled upon this interesting article today, ironically just one week after writing about the sexual marketplace:  Sugar daddy website has coeds justifying prostitution. Apparently young beautiful (and female) coeds at big expensive colleges can paste their biographical information up on a web site and offer their company — and presumably other services — in exchange for cold, hard cash. Continue reading

Points of Derailment

As an admittedly existentialist Christian conservative-libertarian (or perhaps a Christian existentialist libertarian-conservative — you decide), it’s clear to me that the U.S. has gone astray.  To the leftoids and the feminists and the otherwise morally corrupt, the country is on the absolute correct track — and the terrible economy and failures of Obamacare can easily be attributed to those evil, greedy Republicans and libertarians who value free market solutions.  Of course, those of us in the realm of sanity and economic reason know they’re absolutely bat-shit crazy and that the derailment of the greatness of America can be attributed to several factors: Continue reading